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Grace Nask's Books and Manuscripts

A Talented Children's/Young Adult Author


"Stories are memory aids, instruction manuals and moral compasses."

Aleks Krotoski


About the Author

If you think your life is hard, wait until you see what Grace Nask puts her characters through! Her young adult stories specialize in strong protagonists, twisting plots, relatable themes, and unique thinking. She has had poems published by Fledgling Literary Magazine, Down in the Dirt Magazine, and Adelaide Literary Magazine. One could learn more about her by visiting her WattPad and Facebook accounts (both under Grace Nask).

If you have any questions about my books, comments, or ideas for middle grade or young adult books I should review, be sure to contact me via the form on the right. And be sure to subscribe to my mailing list for updates about moi and the writing experience.

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